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Preparing For The Next Step

Posted on: September 4, 2008

So, school is back in session and I know for most of you that means preparation for college. Finding the right schools, studying for the SAT, preparing your application and getting them out. The process can be quite stressful and even tiring, but worry no more!

First you must know how to prepare:

– Schedule yourself for AP Courses, which gives you college credit while preparing you for the intense work of college

– Register for the SAT

– Attend college fairs, in and out of your school

– Apply for financial aid and scholarships

– Meet all deadlines and keep your GPA up!

How to choose the perfect school:

– Choose an interest, something you would like to turn into a career…. this is how you can go about choosing your major

– Small or large school? Would you rather a small school with less students or a larger school with a larger student body?

– Commute or on-campus living? Would you rather commute to school or go away?

-Out of state or in state? Would you rather stay close to home or go away for the sake of your sanity and independence?

Ask yourself all these questions to find out which college is right for you.

Top 5 majors (as reported by the Princeton Review):

1. Business Administration and Management

2. Psychology

3. Elementary Education

4. Biology

5. Nursing

Best sites to get started with your search:

College Board (the best college site on the web! Your one stop shop)


The College Portal (this site has links to other great college sites)

College Prep 101

College Answer

Education Planner (I highly recommend this one. It’s very helpful and easy to navigate)

Next Step Magazine (the best magazine to help you with the college preparation process! They should be available at your school, if not ask your counselor)


Fast Web (scholarships)

Student Scholarship Search

FAFSA (The financial aid application God!)

Whatever you do… DO NOT put anything off for last minute! Get started early, make sure your applications are in way before deadline. Don’t wait until late October to send it off if the deadline is November 3. This information is not only for seniors but for juniors as well. Your junior year of high school is the year they look at, so make it a good one! Participating in extra curricular activities at your school can also be a way to earn scholarships and even guarantee your spot in a school. There is a lot of free money out there for college students so make sure you do research and educate your self. Apply for as many scholarships as possible and put your financial aid application in as soon as you can, the sooner you apply the more money you get. Also make sure you consult with your guidance counselor and parents so they can help make the process a little easier and less overwhelming while giving you that extra push you need to keep going.

Good luck ladies and I wish you the best!


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