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Diahann Carroll: The Legs Are The Last To Go

Posted on: September 22, 2008

Entertainment icon, Diahann Carroll, has released her memoir entitled: The Legs Are The Last To Go: Aging, Acting, Marrying, and Other things I learned the hard way:

In her memoir she speaks candidly about her four marriages, her brush with breast cancer, her visit to Dr. 90210, her affair with Sidney Poitier, racial politics in Hollywood, and many other things she has seen in her 73 years of life.

Here’s the official press release:

This entertainment icon comes clean, on what it is like to be an award-winning trail blazer on-screen and on-stage…TV’s first black bitch, and an aging star in Tinseltown; one who is still working on hot network shows such as ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ . . . This is a sensitive tale of a senior citizen coming of age that will entertain across multiple generations. Fans and critics alike will glean insight into Ms. Carroll’s brightest showbiz moments, romantic liaisons and the toll career devotion has taken on her family life, her brush with breast cancer, the loss of her father, and much more

Just when we thought tell-alls memoirs were for chic’s on the come up. Nonetheless, seems like it will be a great read. You can get your copy here (Amazon). Don’t know Diahann Carroll? You can check her out and get to know her here (IMDb) and here (Wikipedia).


1 Response to "Diahann Carroll: The Legs Are The Last To Go"

I love Diahann Carol. She is truly a legend and she made history by being the first black female lead of a TV series with “Julia” in 1968. She continued to shine in memorable roles on “Dynasty,” as Whitley’s mom on “Different World,” and most recently, in a recurring role on “Grey’s Anatomy.” She is a television icon and clearly, a survivor. Thanks for featuring her on your website, and for showing us young girls that when it comes to true stardom, the light never fades … even at age 73!

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