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Women And The Roles They Play In Politics

Posted on: October 2, 2008

For a long time women were said to be oppressed, they were to stand behind their man and play their position, but not in this race. All eyes are on Sarah Palin, Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain. But what do they know? What roles do they play? How does this country and the world at large view them? Who’s side are you on?

Check out this interview with Sarah Palin where she speaks of her Foreign Policy experience:


What about the women behind the suit? Check this out:

Well, maybe she just doesn’t have time to read.

Let’s move on to the women who hold our Presidential candidates down, first stop Michelle Obama:

Here is her speech in Columbus, OH:

But what about the mother and the wife?

Then there’s Cindy McCain, what about her? The women behind the man:

How precious. These women could potentially have a major hand in what goes on in our country. Make sure you register to vote, you can register here @ Rock The Vote


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