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Britney Spears Donates $10,000 To Bronx School

Posted on: October 4, 2008

I must say, I was SUPER excited when I heard this:

Apparently Britney Spears stopped by my old middle school, John Philip Sousa (MS 142), in the Bronx to give them a $10,000 check from Elizabeth Arden, the company behind her three fragrances, Believe, Fantasy and Curious, to be used as an endowment for the school’s year old music program on Wednesday. Being that I attended and graduated from Sousa and have so many memories in those halls, I am so glad to know that someone recognized the need. Little old Sousa? Who would have ever thought any one was paying any mind. Here is how Britney describes her experience:

“I really enjoyed the time I spent at the John Philip Sousa Middle School, I’ve been working with the people at Elizabeth Arden for the last five years, and I know how passionate everyone is about the school. I loved hearing the school orchestra and the children sang so beautifully. The fact that Elizabeth Arden made such a large donation for the school music studio in my name was so generous.”

Brit gets a pat on the back for this one.


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