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Recommended Read: Don’t Ever Tell by Brandon Massey

Posted on: October 4, 2008

For our 2nd installment of ‘Recommended Read’, I have the reader favorite and suspense book “Don’t Ever Tell” by Brandon Massey. The reader reviews are through the roof and it is recommended by everyone who have read it, calling it a page turner:



With a new identity, a new city to live in, and a wonderful new husband, Rachel Moore believes she’s finally free of the demons in her past. But nothing could be farther from the truth. For the deadly secrets she thought were long-buried are now on the brink of being exposed.


Someone has a vendetta against Rachel. Someone whom she betrayed a long time ago.

Someone who is determined to make her pay-no matter the cost.


Now Rachel knows it’s just a matter of time before her dangerous past meets up with her present-and destroys everything she’s worked so hard for. Because if there’s one thing that can be counted on-her enemy never forgets or forgives and will do whatever it takes to see Rachel suffer…

To read the excerpt, and where to purchase


Joshua awoke at five-thirty, much earlier than usual. Beside him, Rachel was still dozing.

Last night, they had spoken of sleeping in together, enjoying another leisurely lovemaking session and going off to their respective jobs later in the morning, but he was too wound up to lie in bed any longer.

He put on a T-shirt and sweatpants, padded downstairs, and brewed a pot of coffee.

They’d moved into the house five months ago, but he was still getting used to the place. It was far more spacious than the one-bedroom apartment he’d lived in for the past few years, and far more luxurious than anything he’d ever aspired to own. At times he felt as if his life there was temporary, as if he were only house-sitting until the rightful owner returned to reclaim it.

It was the same way he sometimes felt about Rachel-as if his time with her was doomed to be short-lived. At such moments of doubt, he was convinced that something was going to happen that would take her away from him. She was going to get bored with him, like his ex-girlfriends always did, and file for divorce. She was going to get diagnosed with terminal cancer. She was going to die in a car wreck. Something tragic was fated to occur that would tear them apart.

Average rating: 4 1/2 of 4 stars

You can purchase at Barnes & Nobles for $7


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