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Bangladesh: Atlanta’s Own ‘Producer Of The Year’

Posted on: October 22, 2008

It’s certainly a long way from Des Moines, Iowa for Atlanta resident Shondrae Crawford, better known as producer Bangladesh or sometimes Mr. Bangladesh if the track’s super nasty, and that’s a good thing. Although he’s been in the music rat race for more than a minute, this year he really distanced himself from the pack. The reason: Lil Wayne’s mega hit “A Milli”.

Thanks to “A Milli”, Bangladesh received individual BET Hip-Hop Award nominations for Producer of the Year and Track of the Year while Lil Wayne, who received twelve nominations in all, also received a nomination for the Alltel’s People’s Champ award, specifically for “A Milli”.

Bangladesh, who attended Tri-Cities High School, alma mater to OutKast’s Andre 3000,  is no stranger to monster hits; he and a certain rapper you may know named Ludacris picked up the Dirty South baton way back in 2000 with “What’s Your Fantasy?”, Ludacris’s career-altering smash. But Bangladesh, who also produced Kelis’ mega-chart topper “Bossy”, knew it was only a matter of time before his name became as big as the artists on some of his tracks.

Check out the interview…..

How did you get your name?

It was a word we used to use loosely for everythang. You know how people say ‘that’s the bomb’ or ‘that’s the s**t’ or whatever, “Bangladesh”; anything fly or hot, whatever it was, was Bangladesh. One day I woke up and was like, ‘damn, I’m gone name my s**t Bangladesh.’ It was simply because it had the word “bang” in it and my sound was different and it’s a foreign country. 

Are these your first nominations?

I’ve been nominated for songs I’ve done for other people but not for Producer of the Year or Track of the Year. Nothing like that. No.

So this is pretty huge for you?

This is just a stepping stone. I’m not jumping out my shoes. What’s huge for me right now is everything that’s happening, not just one event. Everything that’s happening right now is like a ball rolling and creating momentum for the next thing and the next thing after that. November 19, Beyoncé’s album comes out and I got two joints on that so it’s just momentum. It’s just a real good domino effect going on right now.

What’s the name of the two Beyoncé songs?

One of ‘em is called “Diva” and the other one is called “Video Phone”. Everything is progressing. I went from Lil Wayne to Beyoncé within the same year or so. Everything is progressing. I went from Chris Lova Lova, making him Ludacris, to a movie star. Like I make things happen around here. It’s just not me. I’m just not saying it’s me but I can make s**t happen. Given the opportunity and the right set-up, things happen.

How did you hook up with Beyoncé? Did you get to meet her?

Naw I didn’t meet her. She had been hearing about me though, just through my publisher guy and just through the music. . . . Sean Garrett [the songwriter/producer now artist who wrote “Get Bodied”, “Ring the Alarm”, “Upgrade U” and other hits for Beyoncé was already writing for her so we just got together and made her some songs. . . He actually goes in and works with her but you have to be the hot s**t for him to even want to write on it. Not necessarily hot s**t.  It’s got to be a political move and the hot s**t. I got the “A Milli” s**t popping. . . . We made her three or four songs and she picked two of them and they’re on the album.

Final question: back to the BET Hip-Hip Awards, is it gratifying to be nominated in the city where you live and create?

Yes it’s gratifying. Again it shows you that you’re on the right path because before Atlanta was a slept on music city and now it’s like in the forefront of it. . . . I went to the first BET Hip-Hop Awards three years ago . . . nobody knew me, besides the people that just know me, and to be nominated for producer of the year three years later; that’s crazy.


Source: Metromix Atlanta


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