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Fall Fabulously Into Fall With A Summer Fashion Transformation

Posted on: October 22, 2008

I know that you must simply adore your summer fashions: the shorts that finally fit you great, the summer dresses that abound with midsummer night dream memories, your capri’s that never quit, and the huge collection of leggings that you have amassed over the summer.  However, if you are an Eastsider much like myself, your wardrobe has no choice but to correspond to the changing of the season.  Here are some marvelous tips on how to transform your summer frocks into a fab fall wardrobe:




  1. Instead of packing away those dresses, add tights or leggings.  Then, throw on a cardigan with an over-sized belt to top off the look.  For an edgier look, add a cropped leather jacket. You can do the same with a shorts jumpsuit or shorts if you are not a girly-girl who absolutely craves wearing dresses.

  2. Add a fall scarf.  In the age of the entirely over-worn Kanye West scarf, everyone thinks that they can just add a scarf and call it a day. In the blistering heat of a 95 degree day, adding a scarf does nothing but solidify your hot summer foolishness in the minds of all that cross your path.  Thankfully, you can actually do it this time of year with no one giving you the side eye.

  3. Tone down those bright and bold summer denims with neutrals.  Try colors like camel and gray. 


  4. Capri’s are great for tucking into riding boots or knee-length leather boots.  Break out or begin to build your boot collection and extend the short life of those capri’s. 

  5. While you are building your boot collection, put away those sandals.  Make sure the spaces left behind by their departure are quickly refilled with pumps, peep-toe heels, and booties.

  6. You still rock the bright flowy tops that you wore while you flashed your gams in those short shorts.  Pair them with a pencil skirt and you are ready for any fall soiree.  If you are prone to the chills, add a light cardigan to finish the look.


Now go forth and be fabulous!


Images: abcnews.com

Yours in style,


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