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How To Reduce Stress

Posted on: October 22, 2008


Women are often seen as multi-taskers. Being able to juggle work and school while caring for loved ones, and still being able to do it without having a nervous breakdown. However, when there are times when you feel like time has to slow down so you can have some rest and relaxation, simple ways to reduce stress are mandatory to try. Exercise is said to reduce stress because it gives the body endorphins which makes you energy. It doesn’t mean going to the gym and doing twenty minutes on the treadmill, bench pressing half your body weight. Simple things like walking or jogging for thirty minutes, or talking a Pilate’s or yoga class can help reduce tension. Also, having a moment with no distractions is key to preventing stress. Being able to have time for yourself helps people to relax and let go after a long day. If you feel like you’re not able to talk to anyone to relieve your stress, writing it down can also help. Writing in a journal can help reduce stress by getting your thoughts and feelings off your chest. Pick a time specifically for your journal (with no distractions of course) and jot down whatever it is that’s bothering you. Laughter is also a way to prevent stress. People need a balance of laughter and stress in their lives. Go to a local comedy club or watch a favorite movie or television show that always makes you laugh. Spending time with friends and family who are positive has a positive affect on your health. People in your life who are constantly negative, all about the drama and putting you or others down is toxic to your health. Loved ones do have an influence on each other. Going out with optimistic friends will definitely make you feel good. But if they are pessimistic in terms of their lifestyle, being around them can have a negative affect on your life. Something as simple as being organized and responsible with your time can also reduce stress. If you know that you have to be to work by 9am or have to turn in a paper in two weeks, follow those rules. Don’t procrastinate and think that everything will work out in the last hour. 

Ashley-Nicole Weatherington


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