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How Cutting Back On Fast Food Can Help Improve Finances

Posted on: October 23, 2008


As an avid viewer of the Oprah Winfrey Show and the Suze Orman Show, I am very much in the know about keeping my finances stable. With the recession here, saving money and finding ways to use money wisely is very important. Many people say that they can’t find the money to save and can’t break their habit of spending. However, that extra cash can be found in something that we consume everyday: food and drinks. When you go to Dunkin Donuts to get an egg and cheese croissant with a medium coffee, KFC for potato wedges and chicken or even at the club buying a fifteen dollar drink, that’s money that can be saved or spent on something else that you need. Here are a few suggestions on how to cut back on you’re spending in the fast food department:

·    Going out to eat everyday can be costly (and unhealthy). Try cutting back the amount of times you go out to eat to a weekly or monthly basis. Set up a system, similar to one given to elementary schools, where the teacher would give a gold star to students who did well in class. Make a list of weekly goals for yourself and use your avid fix of hitting your favorite fast food place as a treat for accomplishing your weekly goals. That extra cash can be put in a savings account or even a little piggy bank that you’re not allowed to touch until all your goals are met.

·    Limit the amount of food you’re going to buy while there. If you know that you don’t always drink that Diet Pepsi with your order, bring a bottle of water and only ask for French fries and a burger or try getting side dishes instead.

·    Also, learning to cook, if you don’t already know how, is another way to help cut back spending on fast food. The grocery store is filled with vegetables and fruits and snacks that are more healthy versions of the food at McDonald’s or TGIF. Take a cooking class or ask a friend or relative to help you become “the next Rachael Ray” if you don’t have the basic culinary skills to make a meal. All that money you spend on buying breakfast or lunch can be saved and used to help with that credit card bill or even the sky high price of gas. Bringing meals from home will definitely help with your finances as well as your health, since it’s less expensive and more nutritious.




1 Response to "How Cutting Back On Fast Food Can Help Improve Finances"

those are not good, they are not healthy snacks

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