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Top 5 TV Shows To Watch This Season

Posted on: October 23, 2008

DVR, Netflix and seasons of TV on DVD have made it easy to miss the shows that are airing currently. Since I got DVR, I have been pretty clueless regarding the new shows on network TV. Now I can tape the shows I like and conveniently fast forward through the commercials. I get my dose of TV, and then turn it off. In the last month, my favorite shows have all gone on hiatus until next season. Without “Weeds”, “Mad Men” or “Project Runway” to fill my TV needs I have expanded my horizons and started watching some other shows. After surveying the lay of the land I have found these shows and I am becoming a fast fan:



Gossip Girl (CW): The show is sexy and has a great looking cast. The ad campaign that ran this summer was certainly intriguing and this season is full of excitement. Better start watching soon, because they are about to kill off a pretty major character and you’ll want to get attached before he or she is no more.


Scrubs (ABC): There is no info on when this show will begin airing on it’s new network, but this could be the final season. You can catch up on previous seasons of “Scrubs” on Comedy Central. The cast is incredible and this is the only medical show I could ever imagine watching.



The Office (NBC): This show is not new, but it’s pretty new to me. The original Office, starring Ricky Gervais, was a huge hit and the American Office is too. This season features guest star Amy Ryan, who was nominated for an academy award last year. It is awkward and silly and pretty addictive.



Project Runway (Lifetime or Bravo): Heidi Klum and pals recently aired the season 5 finale on Bravo. Word is that the show will be moving to Lifetime for season 6, although legal issues have made the move complicated. As of now, there is not definite airdate or TV station for season 6, but when it does get on the air it is a must watch. The best part is the creativity and determination of the contestants. Watching PR makes me feel inspired to take a sewing class, rip open my closet and begin altering all of my old clothes.



Dexter (Showtime): Dexter is in the early stages of season 3. He is a serial killer, with a code and a heart (somewhat). The show can be very gory at times, but it can also be humorous and almost sweet. The cast is great, especially Michael C. Hall (Dexter). Plus, for the gossip factor, Hall is dating Jennifer Carpenter who plays his sister on the show.


Sonja Mereu


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