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Glowelle: Beauty Drink To Help Improve Appearance

Posted on: October 27, 2008


When you think of the term beauty drink, what comes to mind? A nice hot cup of L’Oreal foundation, followed by a cold Maybelline concealer soda pop? Well, it may not be the next V8, but Nestle’, the brand famous for its love of the sweets (i.e. Nestle Toll House Cookies and Nestle Crunch, etc.) has released a beauty drink. Glowelle.  Glowelle is a beauty drink that is said to improve women’s appearance using the same foods and drinks that do so. It mission was to create a beauty drink women could drink once a day to help improve women’s self-esteem, their appearance, feel on top of the world, while having a fabulous glow and staying healthy. To prove it, they conducted a study of forty women, who drank the 100 calorie beauty solution for forty five days. According to its website, after thirty days  “9 to 10 women (89%) said their skin looks younger after drinking Glowelle, 97% of women said they have brighter looking skin, 94% of women said they felt happier and more beautiful after drinking Glowelle, and 87% of women said their skin was more hydrated”. Glowelle comes in two flavors: Natural Rasberry Jasmine and Natural Pomegranate Lychee, which contains fruit extracts, botanics and antioxidant nutrients. Also, Vitamin C, pink bark extract, Vitamin E, and apple extract are just a few of the many healthy ingredients use to create it. No artificial ingredients or flavors were added. Its based to be the one of the healthiest drinks to make women more beautiful.


Ashley-Nicole Weatherington


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