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Top 5 Entertainment Magazines That Keep You In The Know

Posted on: October 27, 2008


After describing the virtues of Interview in my previous blog, I figure I should discuss my top 5 entertainment magazines.


5. People: People seem to get all the Hollywood “exclusives”. If you want to see the first published pictures of Ellen Degenres’ wedding or Brad and Angelina’s twins, People is the magazine to grab. People does not publish the embarrassing pictures and humiliating gossip that some other magazines publish, which is probably why celebrities feel comfortable selling their personal stories to it.


4. US Weekly: US Weekly is sort of like People readers’ dirty little secret. Both magazines thrive on exposing the personal lives of celebrities, but unlike People, US do not wait for celebs to tell their own stories or share their own pictures. US’s photographs all give the feeling that the photographer, and by association the reader, are spying on stars.


3. Rolling Stone: Rolling Stone provides pretty comprehensive coverage of recent album releases, tours and celebrity politics. The politics are one element that separates Stone from other music magazines. Since its inception in the late 60’s, Stone has always provided political commentary with its musical coverage. In recent years the political commentary is not always that interesting, at least not compared with when Hunter S. Thompson was their political correspondent, but it does bring a unique perspective to Stone’s articles. Even if the politics don’t do anything for you, you can skip those articles and just find out about every noteworthy album released this week.


2. Interview: I have discussed Interview at length in a previous blog, but to sum it up: Interview is always ahead of the trends, be it fashion, music, film, art, books or even just intellectual discourse. It takes me days to read one issue because the information is dense and cannot be breezed through like so many other magazines.


1. Entertainment Weekly: I have had a subscription to EW since I was 9. There are many reasons why I think it’s #1. EW provides relatively comprehensive coverage of recent Movies, TV, Music, Books, Theater and Video Games. EW’s special correspondents include Diablo Cody and Stephen King. Each week, EW provides the list of top box office grosses, top TV ratings, best selling books and top albums. I always feel informed and excited about pop culture after I read my issue of EW.

Sonja Mereu


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