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Gabrielle Union Takes Trip to Ghana For Breast Cancer

Posted on: October 29, 2008

Essence Magazine recently spoke to Gabrielle Union about her trip abroad to Ghana as part of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s mission delegation trip. Union’s trip was designed to help reduce the rate of breast cancer among women in the country. Gabrielle also had the great opportunity to join Ghana’s President John Kufuor for a dedication ceremony at the new breast cancer diagnostic and treatment facility in Kumasi; HopeXchange Medical Center

ESSENCE.COM: What was this experience, traveling to Ghana as part of the Komen for the Cure delegation, like for you?

GABRIELLE UNION: Traveling to Africa as an African-American, or just as an American, on the more “privileged” side of things is always an eye-opening, life-changing experience. It always puts everything in perspective for me

ESSENCE.COM: Did you encounter any breast cancer survivors in Ghana? What was that encounter like?

GABRIELLE UNION: I met at least 50-60 survivors, which was important because in Ghana, there are so many myths and rumors floating around saying that if you get breast cancer, your life is basically over. So it is important for women to see these survivors. Also, there are a lot of consequences for women in Ghana who are diagnosed with breast cancer. For instance, these women may have their husband leave them, their daughters may not be able to get married off, and they consider it a curse on the family. It’s thought of as something you did wrong, so we always included survivors to show that if you do have breast cancer, you can beat it and you can live.

Check out Essence.com to read more about Gabrielle’s trip.

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