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Shannon Bex Says She’s No Longer A Part Of Danity Kane

Posted on: October 29, 2008

Shannon Bex know to many as the nice, married, team player in Danity Kane has quit the band!! According to Z100, Shannon says she’s tired of the drama, cat fights and Diddy, and says she will not play part in the new season of “Making The Band.” This comes off of the heels of Diddy firing of Aubrey O’Day and D. Woods.
The group as we all know was dismantled by the Diddy because he was not feeling the route the group was taking. However, apparently Aubrey and D. Woods are doing great! Aubrey O’Day will be a judge on 50 Cent’s new reality show on VH1 titled “The Money and the Power.” D. Woods on the other hand has and album in the works as well as two movie roles. Also Dawn, as we all know even though Diddy has denied, is in works of a solo album, which only leaves Aundrea who says all she ever wanted to do is sing. Well I’m now thinking she took for granted her chances. I Wish them all success.

1 Response to "Shannon Bex Says She’s No Longer A Part Of Danity Kane"

I hope Diddy disbands the other two DK members and they all get together under a different label. They really do have a lot of talent. If they don’t want Diddy, and Diddy doesn’t want to accept them the way they are, then they should all get out as soon as their contract is up.

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