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How Chocolate Can Be Helpful For Your Health

Posted on: October 30, 2008

Calling all chocolate lovers and chocoholics. Have you heard that eating chocolate can improve your health? However, don’t start buying Hershey bars and M&M’s in bulk, there’s a catch. Dark chocolate is mostly recommended when improving your health via chocolate. The more anti-oxidants it has and the natural cocoa beans, the more it will benefit your health in several ways, here are a few suggestions.

1) A few squares of chocolate a day, keeps the doctor away. According to WEB Md., eating a few pieces of chocolate a day can decrease the risk of a heart attack,  research from Diane Becker, MPH, ScD has shown “…that blood platelets clotted more slowly in people who had eaten chocolate than in those who had not. This is significant because when platelets clump, a clot can form, and when the clot blocks a blood vessel, it can lead to a heart attack.”

2) People with diabetes can eat chocolate to help improve blood vessels. This may seem like an oxymoron, but eating chocolate sweets can help their blood vessels function better. Diabetes can have a negative effect on blood vessels because it creates too much amino acid that prevents them from relaxing. According to ScienceDaily.com, a recent study showed that patients who drank high flavonol cocoa for one month increased their blood vessel function from “severely impaired to normal”.

3) If you’re feeling a little blue, chocolate can help. This doesn’t mean that it’s the cure for depression, however, if someone is having a bad day, it can help improve their mood. According to ChocolateForHealth.com, “Cocoa contains anandamide (a form of acid that naturally occurs in our brains) which stimulates blissful feelings. Cocoa also contains B vitamins, which are associated with brain health.”

4) It can help prevent Heart Disease. According to CBSNews.com, a study by Research Laboratories of the Catholic University in Campobasso and the National Cancer Institute of Milan surveyed over 4,000 people with great health and no high cholesterol and high blood pressure and if they consumed dark chocolate often. People who did eat small portions of dark chocolate showed a low level of C-reactive protein, which helps reduce inflammation. If inflammation turns chronic, it can cause heart disease.

Ashley-Nicole Weatherington


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