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Strictly Fab Hippie Chic Look For Less

Posted on: October 30, 2008

I so admire Sarah Palin’s style! Her confidence and loyalty to her views is admirable in anyone’s eyes. I also like her personal style. I giggled a bit once I heard about the $150k spent on her clothing by the Republican National Commitee. I’m not a hockey mom, but I don’t think that the average hockey/soccer/football/basketball mom can drop that much on clothing… unless her seed is a highly paid professional athlete who still really loves his mommy.

Anyways, to get the $150K look for less, check out the imagery below courtesy of The Avenue…and it’s for the hippie chick hockey mom!

[click pic for larger image]


Modern Printed Ponte Swing Jacket 39.95 NOW $24.99, Avenue
Pencil Skirt $39.95, Avenue
Zita Wide calf Boot $49.99, Avenue


Tailord Blazer $59.95, Avenue
Ponte Pencil Skirt $29.95, Avenue
Fara Patent Peep Toe Pump $45.00, Avenue


Herringbone Sparkle Jacket $39.95, Avenue
Side Zip trouser $21.90, Avenue
Elana Shootie $18.99, Avenue


Keep it strictly stylish!

Yours in style,


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