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iBangle For Your Beauty

Posted on: October 31, 2008

Ok, I know that most of you have an iPod or some other type of MP3 player, but as a fashion accessory, it is quite limited on the fabulosity meter. Looky looky what I found on Fashion Week Daily:

If your Mini is not Mini enough, and you can’t be bothered with that clip-on shuffle nonsense, not to worry–an even sleeker Pod may be in the works. Meet the iBangle by designer Gopinath Prasana. A thin aluminum bracelet (stacked up with your favorite Hermès bangles, perhaps?) will have music control buttons, a hold switch, a multi-control trackpad, and an air chamber on the inside that will inflate, so the bracelet is held taut against your wrist. How to hear the music, you might ask? Wireless in-ear headphones, of course! It hasn’t been made yet…

Well, when it is developed, I will be the first in line to purchase. To enjoy the tunes and look fab simultaneously… I have no words!

Yours in style,


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