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Beyonce “Video Phone” + “Diva”

Posted on: November 5, 2008

*UPDATE* “Video Phone” & “Diva” has been taken down due to a copyright claim by Beyonce’s label Sony/BMG. But if you want to hear “Video Phone”, “Diva” or any other track off of Beyonce’s forthcoming LP you can check it out here.

Check out leaked tracks from Beyonce‘s upcoming LP I Am… Sasha Fierce called “Video Phone”:

I LOOOOVVVEEEEE this song! Hope it’s a single, it is so….. fierce! This needs a video, I can see this song. I know I might sound crazy, but I see songs. Some songs just don’t need a visual and it’s very hard to see the song, but I can see this. Beyonce, call me when you see this!

Also check out “Diva”, produced by Bangladesh (Producer of “A Milli”). Bangladesh recently called “Diva” the female “A Milli” in a recent interview. Check it out, this is fierce too:

I’ve never heard Bey like this before. Bragging about her status in the game, her prominence as a R&B “Diva”, her money and her being on top of her game.

Stop the track/let me state facts
I told you give me a minute and I’ll be right back…..
How you gon’ be talkin sh**/You act like I just got up in it
Been the number one “Diva” in this game for a minute

Her arrogance mirrors that of her husband Jay-Z on some of his best received songs. The lyrics, the half-talking over a feminine twist to the “A Milli”  beat is, simply put, genius. I Love this! Perhaps more than “Video Phone”.


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