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Consequences Of Pedicures

Posted on: November 8, 2008


Although spring and summer are seasons where the competition of who has the cutest pedicure is rapid, women are still getting their pedicures. According to Reuters.com, a survey was conducted on women and their relationship with pedicures, it found “41 percent of women get pedicures as part of their personal grooming” and another 41 stated having dry skin on their heels as the main reason to get a pedicure. Getting a pedicure make “cure dry heels” for a minute and beautify your toes, there are a few things to look out for at your next nail appointment.

1) Beware of fungal nails. Fungal nail is an infection in your nails by a fungus. If you’re nail stylist doesn’t keep his/her Emory boards, nail clippers, and other nail tools clean, you are at risk for fungal nails. Be sure to ask them if they clean their nail tools. According to Dr. Dina Tsentserensky, whose advice was featured in a CNN article on pedicures, “”Make sure that instruments are getting sterilized properly,” Tsentserensky cautions, “that they are using a sterilizer or an autoclave to properly sanitize the instruments or using the liquids for the proper periods of time.”

2) Clean Tubs Are A Must. Make sure the tubs they use are clean as well, with an EPA-registered hospital disinfectant. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, ten minutes is enough time for a break between nail clients when using the tub. That way the disinfectants can work better.

3) Check Your Legs Before You Go. If you shaved your legs the night before, have a few recent cuts and/or cuts, or recently had laser hair removal, its best not get a pedicure. Doing so can leave your skin open for infections.

Ashley-Nicole Weatherington


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