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Ways To Fight The Urge Of Holiday Food

Posted on: November 10, 2008


Thanksgiving is a couple weeks away, with Christmas sure to follow. And although you may be anticipating your grandmother’s sweet potato pie and home made macaroni & cheese, most people tend to over indulge their selves with their favorite foods over the holidays (this is usually followed by the New Years resolution to loose the “holiday weight”). If you want to enjoy your favorite holiday foods but not so much that you need a whole new wardrobe, here are few suggestions to sustaining your weight while still enjoying tasty holiday treats.
1) Limit Intake of Food. We all know holiday foods are the most scrumptious meals of all time, and want to take full advantage of it. However, if you limit the amount of food you eat, you can sustain your weight. Also, depending on your schedule, you may have a few days to a couple of weeks to indulge your fried chicken or black eyed peas, get a couple of meals as leftovers so you can spend each moment with your favorite dishes.

2) Stay Out Of The Kitchen. For most people, the kitchen is where all the conversations are. Relatives catch up on each others lives, swap recipes and cook all at the same time. But, the kitchen was one main resource that everyone has: FOOD. While slicing tomatoes or baking a chocolate cake, a relative might ask others to try their meals, which could lead to eating more food before the actual dinner. This could interrupt your technique. Keep away from any room that’s close enough to the aroma of your favorite holiday treats. If you’re not in the room and can’t see it and/or smell it, you’re less likely to eat it.

3) Distract Yourself. If anyone else needs help with something other than food; like a niece or nephew working on a project they made up or go for a walk by yourself or with relatives. Learn when dinner will be ready and give yourself that free time to focus on anything dealing with food.


Ashley-Nicole Weatherington


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