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Posted on: November 12, 2008


The economy is not the only thing having a rough time these days…it’s hard out there for a single girl to find the man of her dreams. What’s the point in being fab if you have no one to share it with? We ladies have more than enough resources that direct us on how to hunt ’em down, catch ’em, and keep ’em….but where do you find them? For years, I have been telling my girls that they will NEVER find any good thing hanging in a club. Please believe me, if his first glance is you in a teeny weeny mini and boobage overspill, it’s usually not love at first sight. On the other hand, ladies, it’s almost like we are playing “Where’s Waldo” when we set our sights on the man of our dreams…and then stalk him all night, hope that he notices us, and, if he doesn’t, casually try to find a way to give him our number without him falling for our equally attractive girlfriends. It can be nerve wracking!  Here is Part 1 of a 3 part series:

Well, I have a few good places to find a few good men, depending on what you are looking for….
If I weren’t married, these are some of the top places where I would find a man who presents class, distinction, taste, quality, style, and seemingly good credit:
1. Political fundraisers: Okay–yes, I did say it—high donor level political fundraisers usually have an overabundance of men who are smart, cultured, and dare I say it…enterprising! (take it whatever way you want to take it—most women want men who they can build with, one way or another). Point in case: I attended the Barack Obama fundraiser last Spring and there was a plethora of available and well-cultured men. But, this type of event is not for the money squeamish. The minimum donation was $1000 a plate and my business partner and I walked in behind Forest Whitaker and his wife, Keisha. But, if I were single, I would have had at minimum 6-10 potential dates in the upcoming weeks.
Think about it this way:
Wearing some fab Dior or Louboutin heels: $1000
Finding a life partner: Priceless

2. Cigar bars: Even if you don’t smoke, endure the chokefest for a few hours. For one, you will be one of the only females in the joint (bring a friend if you are skeered to go solo) and for two, most men who are cigar connoisseurs have more talk about than their favorite sports team….. plus, according to the hubby, a woman smoking a cigar is one of the sexiest sights known to man….

More to follow tomorrow…

Yours in style,


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