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Music: Rihanna “Bitch, I’m Special”

Posted on: November 12, 2008

A new Rihanna record recently leaked called to the internet called “Bitch, I’m Special”, reportedly from her upcoming album:


Rihanna- “Bitch, I’m Special”

The song is sort of like an animated feminine rap. She almost doesn’t use vocals at all on the record, and if I haven’t been following her sound and music I would have thought it wasn’t her. Definitely a different sound for her, and I’m not sure I like it. After the early 2007 release of her uber smash hit single “Umbrella” her career took off in a spaceship and never looked back. Playing with different looks and sounds since she hit the scene in 2005 (she went from Reggae to R&B to Pop), it seemed like she finally found her place in the world. With this very boastful, egotistical single, it will leave some to think:

“Is her and Beyonce going to head to head for the crown as the ‘industry queen’? Who is biting off of who? And last but not least, who will win?” It seems as if in the music game Beyonce has been untouchable, with very few in her league, making comparison’s near impossible and on some instance’s- insults.

Like Beyonce, Rihanna has reinvented her sound on each one of her albums, but the Quen Bey hasn’t been as well received as Little Miss Sunshine. While Dangerously In Love was critically acclaimed and to some standards, considered a masterpiece (and to date her best), B’Day was not that convincing. Many was disappointed in the album and a petition was made against her “Deja Vu” video. As for her new I Am… Sasha Fierce era, many people are over her dance anthems and is tired of her experimenting with new sounds, her inconsistency is starting to become a tad annoying to many die-hard Beyonce fans.

So… what’s it going to be? Who will take the crown?

Tara Decoda


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