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Posted on: November 17, 2008


And this portion tops it all off:

5. Cultural events: This means art gallery exhibitions and openings, operas, theatrical plays, food tastings, embassy events (in the DC area), etc…If a man can go to these events alone or with a few friends, he is either really into being a renaissance man or is trying to pick up the ladies. Either way, at least he’s learned something new and you can actually have a conversation with him about it. Just keep your pimp antenna on—we hate to admit it, but we know a pimp when we meet one…we just talk ourselves out of it and let the fool have his way anyway….

6. Good ol’ church: Nowadays, women greatly outnumber men in the church, so you have to praise the Lord in the most distinguishable way possible. I know that the Lord wants you to look your best for Him, and so does that future potential date…..and, at least you know that man either has some guidance in his life or is looking for some. That’s where I met my hubby…but watch out–there are pimps in church just like there are pimps in the club. The only difference is that they are shouting “Oh, Lord” at entirely different times…..or maybe at the same times…just keep your eyes on the Lord and you should be aight…

DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility for the type of man you find, date, or bring home from any of these places. I am only informing you of where you may have a better probability of finding a man who has a touch of style, class, and taste…and good credit. Warning: don’t let the package fool you and don’t ignore your intuition..if you get “he’s a fool” feelings in your gut–go with them. I’m just saying……


Yours in style,


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