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How To Find The Right Career

Posted on: November 17, 2008


With the recession in full swing, the odds of finding a job now are slim to none. However, if you’re stuck in a 9 to 5 and striving for something more but not sure what, maybe a career change is needed. Too often people, women especially, choose to work in a profession that their parents want them too or choose to work at a job that is in high-demand, to provide for their families. But life is about doing what’s best for you.

Regardless of whether you’re a recent college grad looking for that first job or a mom working at a thankless job only for the salary. If you’re not happy at you’re current work situation and want a change of scenery, it’s your duty to leave. Too often people who stay at jobs they dislike can result in unwanted stress, pessimistic thinking and negative effects on their selves as well as friends and families. I’m not saying quit your current job ASAP, by all means, if you need the money, stay. But you can look for a career while working. Finding that special career can be difficult, but here a few suggestions that may help.

1) What is your favorite activity? Are you a craftswoman at heart? Do you go to the local lounge on freestyle nights to showcase your singing talents? If there is something you have a passion for, find a way to make it into a career. Let’s say, you like working with children and teens and their discussing their current problems while being a motivator but being a teacher is not your forte. Becoming a guidance counselor or social worker would be right up your alley.

2)  If that doesn’t help, think about talents that you are good at and combine them with a favorite past time. Like, if you’re a fashion fanatic but you don’t desire to design clothes or write about the latest trends in a fashion magazine. However, you make weekly visits to the mall & local boutiques and always provide the best style advice to your friends. Combine your love of fashion and shopping and becoming a personal shopper is a great career move.

Ashley-Nicole Weatherington


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