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The Fab Bag

Posted on: November 18, 2008

image courtesy: Coutorture.com

Hello fab readers!

‘Tis the time for holiday parties! Let’s start the holiday season party round-up  by setting you straight….if you dare to call yourself a true fashionista, there are some “must-haves” that you must absolutely have!  No fashion malfunctions for you…if you have the following items in your styling repertoire.  Let’s call it The Fab Bag, shall we?  You need to have the following in your bag:

  1. Fashion Tape: No wardrobe malfunctions guaranteed!
  2. Foot petals: provide virtually invisible cushions that make shoes more comfortable and stop annoying, painful issues – a fashion footwear solution that is not only stylish, but healthy, too.
  3. Miss Oops: offers siimple solutions to everyday problems. From removing unsightly deodorant smudges on your clothes, to exfoliating and hydrating your cracked heels, Miss Oops has got you covered from head to toe.
  4. Garment Guard: For protecting those fab outfits from pit stains.  They are perfect for:
    * Preventing yellow underarm/ deodorant stains on white shirts;
    * Preventing wet marks on shirt underarms;
    * Keeping clothes clean when cleaning is expensive or damaging to the fabric.
  5. Lint-On-the-Go-Sheets:  Portable lint sheets that pick up those stray hairs, threads, lint, and anything else that is not a part of your fab outfit.  No bulky roller needed!
  6. A mini Swiss Army knife: This one has a small blade, scissors, a nail file with a screwdriver tip, a toothpick, tweezers, and a key ring. You have NO excuse now for ragged nails, misshapen eyebrows, or food filled teeth.
  7. Everblum Cosmetic Stain Remover: For those pesky lipstick and foundation stains…just rub them off!
  8. Safety pins:  No explanation necessary
  9. Sewing kit
  10. Mini-first aid kit:  If you stab yourself while sewing or safety-pinning….

You are now ready to be fab at any given time…just like a true fashionista should be! Keep it strictly stylish!

Yours in style,


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