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Top 5 Ways Entertainment Improves Thanksgiving

Posted on: November 20, 2008


Most of us will be spending Thanksgiving, and possibly the whole weekend with our families. For many that is a treat, something to look forward to and relish every moment of. For some of us this is a mandatory family gathering filled with anxiety, awkward moments, and subject that cannot be discussed. Now if you think I’m being cynical you’re probably in that first category, but let’s be honest, countless movies have been made about how unpleasant family holidays can be and I know some of you are not looking forward to Turkey day. Here are some ways that entertainment can make the holidays run a little smoother.

5. A good book or magazine: So, if you aren’t a fan of football, thanksgiving can drag on and on as everybody else is completely sucked into whichever ball game is on TV. Well, maybe this year you should bring something to read. While everybody else is engrossed in the game you can settle down for some me time, while you slip into a turkey and potato related haze.

4. Your iPod: You can use your iPod to block out any thing or anybody you would rather avoid. Maybe you always get stuck cleaning up, listening to some tunes while you scrape the dishes clean always makes it more fun.  If your family likes music, you can plug in your iPod and become the house DJ, so you don’t get stuck listening to that Christmas album your mom puts on every year.

3. Christmas Movies on TV: For the next month It’s A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story will be playing on a loop, but on Thanksgiving you probably haven’t seen any of these Christmas classics for at least eleven months, so enjoy them while you can, because by December 15th you will never want to hear the worlds Christmas, holiday or gift again.

2. Eat until you fall asleep: OK, eating and sleeping are not typically considered forms of entertainment, but a turkey induced nap can be as enjoyable as a good book or your favorite love song.

1. Go to the movies: In my family I am known as “Aunt Sonja who takes us to the movies.” The kids and I always seem to share the need to get out of the house during these family events, so we go check out what’s playing at the multiplex. This year you can take the little ones to see Bolt. Take the teen girls to Twilight, the teens boys to Transporter 3 or Quantum of Solace and for the grown up tastes Australia, Milk and Four Christmases all come out on Thanksgiving day.

So, enjoy the holidays, love the ones your with and take advantage of entertainment to get you out of any unpleasant situations!

Sonja Mereu


1 Response to "Top 5 Ways Entertainment Improves Thanksgiving"

So right! So true! I wouldn’t want to be living in any other time in history!

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