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Variety is reporting that Don Cheadle‘s Crescendo Productions has signed a two-year deal with Overture Films as of Tuesday. Crescendo’s upcoming projects include a documentary titled “Darfur Now” and a Miles Davis biopic. Cheadle’s partners Lenore Zerman and Kay Liberman, will work closely with Overture CEO Chris McGurk and chief operating officer Danny Rosett.


Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon recently gave birth to two twin boys, who have also inspired her to launched her new children’s jewelry line called Petit Bijou:





The launch took place over the weekend at Kitson in L.A. The line features bracelets and necklaces with charms on organic cotton cords in a variety of colors. Garcelle recently made a statement saying, “I have a jewelry line for kids and teenagers – or the young at heart.  We have ballerinas, we have teddy bears. For boys, we have cars and crowns.  So sort of fun and rock and roll but still really cute pieces.”

If You want to check out Garcelle’s children line click here PetitBijou


Congrats goes out to both BET and Keyshia Cole! According to reports last Tuesday night, BET premiered the first two episodes of the third season of ‘Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is’ but i don’t think that BET could expected the new season to start of not  only becoming the network’s #1 original series season premiere telecast for this year, the second episode scored the best ratings in the history of the network for an original program.

If you missed the first two episodes, you can catch them at BET.com


Oscar winner and South African-born actress, Charlize Theron, has been named United Nations messenger of peace as of Friday, with a special focus on ending violence against women. Theron joins 9 other messengers of peace who are also celebrities mainly from the fields of film, music, literature and sports who are charged with promoting U.N. activities and ideals through public appearances and media contacts.


According to Billboard.com, Timbaland along with his Mosley Media Group is teaming with Effie T. Brown‘s Duly Noted Inc. to produce a film titled “Vinyl.” The film is about five young women facing life-altering decisions about their relationships with members of a rock band. The film will begin shooting in the spring 09. The film will be written and directed by Richard Zelniker, Effie T. Brown, Marcus Spence and Monique Idlett-Mosley will handle production.



According to AOL Blackvoices Erykah Badu will star along side Mos Def in the indie film titled, ‘Bobby Zero’. The film will be produced by Effie Brown’s an LA based production company Duly Noted. In the film Mos Def will play a down-on-his-luck social satirist romantic who gives up his artistic aspirations to work at an advertising agency. His girlfriend (played by Erykah) hit rock bottom after years of struggling as a couple. To make ends meet, Bobby goes corporate with the advertising job and is confronted by his past beliefs, stepping outside the box and discovering that there the world is not what he expected. Peter Dinklage and Clifton Collins also star in the film.

An Atlanta news station has reported that the son-in-law of the late singer James Brown was shot to death in the garage of his home. The family is reporting that the believe the death of Darren “Chip” Lumar to be a hit. The police however have said that they have not made any arrests and they don’t have a motive..
According to witnesses who said they saw the whole thing, the gunman shot Lumar, and started  if he was looking to see if anyone was watching him. The witnesses said he then rounded a corner, possibly jumping a fence, and got into a car that was waiting for him.       

Lumar was married to Brown’s daughter, Yamma Brown Lumar, who had recently divorced him.  Sources close to the family said that when Lumar arrived at the hospital, he had $4,000 in cash in his pocket.

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