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The best way to be fab is to be healthy.  Not only do you feel great, you look great and lessen your chances of dying before your sweet time on earth is over.  Now, how fab is that?  In honor of my first spinning class that I took this morning, here are seven tips to get back into…or rather yet, start a fitness routine.  I’m in no way a personal trainer or fitness coach, so here are some tips directly excerpted from spineuniverse.com:

Drink plenty of water. Water is the closest thing to a magic fat-loss potion. Sixty-four ounces a day is an absolute minimum. Twice that, or one gallon, is even more desirable. Also, make sure the water is ice cold. When you drink ice water, which is about 40-degrees Fahrenheit, your system has to heat the fluid to a core body temperature of 98.6 degrees. This process requires almost one calorie to warm one ounce of cold water to body temperature. In fact, an 8-ounce of ice water burns exactly 7.69 calories. Extend that over 16 glasses, 128 ounces, or one gallon – and you’ve generated 123 calories of heat energy, which is significant.
Eat smaller meals more frequently. I’ve had excellent results in my fat-loss studies supervising subjects to consume six meals a day, with no meal containing more than 400 calories. It’s also important to allow no longer than three hours between eating episodes. Such a pattern keeps you on an even keel – since you’re never stuffed and never famished – which seems to be ideal for losing fat.
Assert yourself when eating at a restaurant. You’ll need all the help you can get to avoid gorging on rich, expensive, restaurant specialties. Here are a few tips: * Don’t open the menu. It may tempt you too much. * Choose a simple green salad without garnishes. Lemon juice, vinegar, or low-calorie dressing is preferable to any creamy or oily dressings. * Select one or two vegetables with nothing added. A plain baked potato is always available. Other good choices are broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. * Ask the waiter what kind of fish is available. Order a white fish and have it baked, steamed, or broiled, with nothing on it. * Be very specific with your order. Double-check to make certain that your waiter understands exactly what you want. * Have decaffeinated coffee or tea for dessert, or at most, some fresh strawberries or raspberries.

Pick an exercise you can stick with, but be careful if it’s swimming (or anything in the water). While swimming offers some benefits, the thermal effect of being submerged in water is likely to cause you to eat more than normal. After reading my previous articles, you should understand that my recommended exercise is strength training. Strength training, more than any other exercise or activity, rewards you with a double-reducing advantage.
Don’t over exercise. Three times per week is plenty, at no more than 20 to 30 minutes per session. Too much exercise tears down body tissue, increases the risk of injury, and makes you less active over the long term.
Get out from in front of the television. Decreasing your exposure to a billion-dollar advertising industry, much of which involves convenience foods, diminishes your temptations to overeat. Involvement in a household project, along with the extended daylight hours, will help this situation.
Take to heart some advice borrowed from motivational author Zig Ziglar:  “Life demands before it rewards. You’ve got to be before you can do. You’ve got to do before you can have. When you’re tough on yourself, life becomes easy . . . You don’t pay the price for good health, you enjoy the benefits of it. You pay the price for poor health.”

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MAC has a deliciously lush deluxe line created especially for Emanuel Ungaro and inspired by his runway looks. From the MAC site:

Dreamy, softly impressionistic, reverential…To celebrate his exciting debut, It-Designer, Esteban Cortazar, celebrity makeup artist, Sharon Dowsett, and M·A·C come together backstage to create a colour collection in the spirit of today’s Ungaro.


The line includes lipstick, blush, lip gloss, eyeshadow, AKA The Works! Check the site for more product info and pics.

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Marc Jacobs and Saks Fifth Avenue have teamed up to present The Polished Face Kit, a splendiferous bag of beauty. Get your beauty products and a fab clutch to boot! Here are the details:


EXCLUSIVELY AT SAKS. Tucked inside this Marc Jacobs leather clutch is everything you’ll need to achieve a fresh, polished face. Includes Dior 5-Color Eyeshadow compact in Tender Chic, Nars The Multiple in Copacabana, Yves Saint Laurent Touch Blush in Number 2, Giorgio Armani Gloss in Number 16, Guerlain Le 2 Two-Brush Mascara in black and a deluxe sample of Chanel Sublimage. Clutch has zip top and logo plaque.

Purchase it here for $198

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Though most women (especially women of color) in their twenties and thirties don’t need to worry about wrinkles, however treating your skin right now can definitely benefit you when you become “a woman of a certain age” and look like your twenty-five (with no botox needed). Although cosmetic brands may have their own “fountain of youth” creams that can be on the expensive side, maybe you should try an alternative maybe already in your home. Fruits, vegetables and other foods have been found to help skin look and feel great. Here are a couple ways eating healthy can help make your skin become even more beautiful:

1) Tomato, Shomato. According to Beauty Eats on Yahoo! Food, tomatoes, cantaloupes and sweet potatoes can help prevent wrinkles because pigments that produce light orange and red colors replenish antioxidant levels in the skin. “Antioxidants are needed to scarf up free radicals in the skin, Free rads are highly reactive oxygen molecules that damage cells and contribute to just about everything that can go wrong with skin, from dryness to crinkles.”

2) Lemons, Oranges and Limes, Oh My. Vitamin C is mandatory for your health and body, especially when fighting wrinkles and citrus is filled with it. Eating Lemons, Oranges, limes and grapefruit can help getting the Vitamin-C needed, “It helps keeps collagen — the supportive protein fibers that stop skin from sagging — strong and resilient.”

3) Fish Of The Sea. Foods that can provide protein and Omega 3 can be beneficial to scrap any signs of aging, “Omega-3s fight inflammation, now considered one of the top skin-agers, and they also help protect against sunburn, enhancing the effects of your SPF sunscreen.” And foods like  trout, salmon, tuna and Atlantic mackerel can help but only within an limited intake to prevent too much of mercury (which is in most fish).

Ashley-Nicole Weatherington

WEEN Online recently sat down with the founder of WEEN, Valeisha Butterfield‘s glam squad to find out how they achieved her fabulous red carpet look for the BET Hip-Hop Awards, which took place October 18th. Check out the interview below with her stylist and make-up artist’s:

Crystal Hines, Stylist

1. What was the inspiration for the look?
We were going for a look that was simple yet sexy.

2. Who was it by?

3. Any little tidbit you would want to add?
CONTACT INFO you want ppl to use to contact you: ammoinfo@gmail.com

Adora & Yannize Joshua, Make-up Artist’s

4. What was the inspiration for the look
Modern day siren. Bright lips that weren’t the standard red, and eyes that popped!

5. What brands were used
-Carol’s Daughter body scrub
-MLAB anti aging line, cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, and treatment cream
-Ken Paves color drops for vibrant color
-MAC studio fix concealer
-MAC full coverage foundation
-MAC mineralize bronzer in ‘Deep Dark’
-Perscriptives ‘Fall Eye’ dimensions color palette
-Mally eyebrow pencil in ‘Sable’
-MAC loose bronzer in ‘Golden Bronze-Body’
-Ardell fashion lashes in ‘105’
-Heatherette for MAC lipstick in ‘Hollywood Nights’

6. How can one recreate this look?
-Prep skin with a scrub to make sure you are super soft.
-Use a body cream that wont stain your clothes but will keep moisture locked in.
-When doing a dramatic lip, keep eyes simple but pile on lashes for impact!
-Always use a loose bronzer for body, and use a baked bronzer to achieve that 70’s sun kissed goddess look.


NARS is now offering the Safest Set that not only comes with The Multiple in Orgasm for cheeks, eyes, and lips, it also comes with two condoms in slick packaging.  And just in case you need it, it features a little Black Book of ways to say “no” to let a horn-ball down if he doesn’t get the message.  Not will it only help you stay disease-free or celibate… or even, dare I say it, remain a virgin… it’s for a great cause. A portion of the proceeds  benefit Amfar programs to promote global safe sex education initiatives. Not only can you help yourself and your friends, you can help save the world.

I live in a city (DC) that has an HIV infection rate of 1 in 20 and I know a few people in my circle that have contracted the virus and they are under the age of 30, so protect yourselves ladies.

And just in case you didn’t know, here are the US statistics on the number of people afflicted with AIDS courtesy of www.avert.org:

People living with AIDS:

At the end of 2006, the CDC estimates that 448,871 people were living with AIDS in America. This number includes all people who have ever been diagnosed with an AIDS-defining condition and are believed to be alive, including many people who have recovered their health by taking antiretroviral therapy. The chart below shows the ethnicity’s of these people, revealing that black Americans have been disproportionately affected.

If not for yourself, give this gift of beauty love to your best buds and help them keep it safe… or locked down… let them choose!

I just discovered a new scent in which I will luxuriate this fall. Notorious by Ralph Lauren is described as:

  • a “daring new fragrance of timeless intrigue and boundless desire”, Notorious was inspired by the sexy, mysterious, self-possessed women of the golden age of film glamour, such as Ingrid Bergman, Lauren Bacall and Faye Dunaway.*
  • “a decadent, chocolate-scented burgundy flower exclusive to Ralph Lauren Fragrances”; other notes include black currant, pink peppercorn, bergamot, white frost peonies, carnation, patchouli musk, vanilla and iris). You get the requisite fruits (along with the requisite pink pepper) in the opening, then indeterminate florals laid over a very soft cocoa and some warm musky woods. The finish is just slightly powdery.

If you would also like to luxuriate in this cocopure deluxe scent, you can purchase it online at www.sephora.com or find it in the perfume department of one of your area major department stores.

Sources: www.wwd.com, www.moodiereport.com, and Now Smell This

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