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Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon recently gave birth to two twin boys, who have also inspired her to launched her new children’s jewelry line called Petit Bijou:





The launch took place over the weekend at Kitson in L.A. The line features bracelets and necklaces with charms on organic cotton cords in a variety of colors. Garcelle recently made a statement saying, “I have a jewelry line for kids and teenagers – or the young at heart.  We have ballerinas, we have teddy bears. For boys, we have cars and crowns.  So sort of fun and rock and roll but still really cute pieces.”

If You want to check out Garcelle’s children line click here PetitBijou


Have you noticed that nowadays celebrities need to diversify? Singers become actors, actors become singers, they own fashion, perfume and make-up lines. The list goes on and on. One of the biggest trends is celebrity owned restaurants/bars. I guess Planet Hollywood was the first major celeb-restaurant. If you want to eat like your favorite star, here are the top 5 celebrity owned restaurants: 

5. Madre’s, Owner: Jennifer Lopez

Pasadena, Calif.

J.Lo isn’t somebody I associate with down home cooking, but her Pasadena restaurant aims to make you feel like you’re eating in the Lopez family kitchen. The food is Latin and the environment is warm, like a mother’s kitchen should be. Who knows? You may even see an impeccably dressed couple with twin babies!

4. Teany, Owner: Moby

New York, N.Y.

The techno star is one of the world’s most famous vegans. So, of course his cozy teahouse restaurant features a vegetarian menu and more than 90 types of tea. There are a number of vegetarian/vegan restraints popping up in New York, but this is the best one owned by a celebrity! 

3. Rubicon, Owners: Francis Ford Coppola, Robert De Niro and Robin Williams

San Francisco, Calif.

The menu is described as Cal-French. I like the sound of that; healthy and rich, just like its owners! The wine selection is guaranteed to be excellent, Coppola is not only a wine connoisseur, he also owns his own vineyard that produces some fine reds. Keep your eyes out for a very hairy man eating next to you, you may think he’s Sasquatch, but it’s more likely to be Robin Williams! 

2. Dolce Enoteca e Ristorante, Owner: Ashton Kutcher

Los Angeles, Calif.

This Melrose restaurant is described as a hot spot that celebs flock to. Demi and Ashton dine at Dolce often and bring their friends. You might even catch a Willis-Moore family reunion if you’re lucky. 

1. Nobu, Owner: Robert De Niro

New York, N.Y.

I was a little surprised that De Niro chose to open a sushi restaurant in TriBeCa, since Italian would be the more obvious choice, but apparently De Niro understands Japanese cuisine as well as he understands the mind of a criminal. Nobu has been described as the best sushi in TriBeCa and possibly in New York City. If you are in Milan, Italy you can check out the European branch of Nobu, co-owned by Giorgio Armani. 

Percy Miller, Sr. aka Master P, made his mark on the music business with hits such as “Make Em Say Uhh”, winning 5 Grammy’s and having a successful record label, No Limit Records. Since then, he has hung up his over-sized basketball jersey’s and slipped on a well tailored suit. He is currently the founder and CEO for P. Miller Enterprises, an entertainment and financial conglomerate. His net worth, as of 2002, is said to be  $200 million. But fear not, he doesn’t intend on being stingy with his wealth. His new venture, Your Investment Travel, is an initiative that he says will allow for financial freedom in these troubled economic times:

Most people don’t know that out of all of the millionaires in the world, entertainers and professional athletes make up only 1% of that number. Network marketing and Investment travel is an untapped market with unlimited growth potential. It’s time to wake up and grow up. Build a profitable business without overhead and employees. All you need is $500 and a computer; you can make millions.

Network marketing has turned more people into millionaires than any other business industry in the past years. You can be successful, make millions, travel and live like a celebrity without the paparazzi following you around. If you can afford to buy Nike Air Jordan Collezion for $310 or True Religion Jeans for $250 during this financial slum, than you can invest $500 into your own business to secure your financial freedom.

If you would like to test drive, or become a part of Mr. Miller’s latest effort to educate and uplift his people through financial literacy, you can sign up here.