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Congrats goes out to both BET and Keyshia Cole! According to reports last Tuesday night, BET premiered the first two episodes of the third season of ‘Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is’ but i don’t think that BET could expected the new season to start of not  only becoming the network’s #1 original series season premiere telecast for this year, the second episode scored the best ratings in the history of the network for an original program.

If you missed the first two episodes, you can catch them at BET.com



ForWomenOnline.com is reporting that the remaining members of Danity Kane refuses to sign on for the new season of Making The Band 4 (to begin taping in 2 weeks). There is internal friction between the group, Diddy and Bad Boy/MTV and the ladies are reportedly tired of living out their lives on camera. Check out the report:

We have learned that MTV will begin shooting the next season of Making The Band in 2 weeks, however, it will be WITHOUT the 2 members of Danity Kane. Apparently, the group is said to be extremely fed up with Diddy and living out their lives in front of the MTV cameras.

The new season is following Day 26 (the male group formed from the reality series) as they go out on the road and prepare to tour Europe. The season will also capture Donnie Klang a.k.a. Aubrey O’Day’s former love interest, as he tours with New Kids On The Block.

The remaining girls (Dawn Richards, Aundrea Fimbres) and possibly Shannon Bex?? will have a “meeting” with Diddy on camera but that is their extent of their participation right now with no contract in place to appear in the new series. Maybe this will be the episode where Shannon tells Diddy and her fans that she quit? We hear that she has not “officially” come back to the group and though she may perform here and there with the remaining 2 group members, she did resign and no one has heard otherwise.

Seems like the drama isn’t stopping at the axing of D. Woods and Aubrey, and for those who thought the fallout was made for T.V. might have been wrong. Or maybe…. nevermind.

Shannon Bex know to many as the nice, married, team player in Danity Kane has quit the band!! According to Z100, Shannon says she’s tired of the drama, cat fights and Diddy, and says she will not play part in the new season of “Making The Band.” This comes off of the heels of Diddy firing of Aubrey O’Day and D. Woods.
The group as we all know was dismantled by the Diddy because he was not feeling the route the group was taking. However, apparently Aubrey and D. Woods are doing great! Aubrey O’Day will be a judge on 50 Cent’s new reality show on VH1 titled “The Money and the Power.” D. Woods on the other hand has and album in the works as well as two movie roles. Also Dawn, as we all know even though Diddy has denied, is in works of a solo album, which only leaves Aundrea who says all she ever wanted to do is sing. Well I’m now thinking she took for granted her chances. I Wish them all success.

DVR, Netflix and seasons of TV on DVD have made it easy to miss the shows that are airing currently. Since I got DVR, I have been pretty clueless regarding the new shows on network TV. Now I can tape the shows I like and conveniently fast forward through the commercials. I get my dose of TV, and then turn it off. In the last month, my favorite shows have all gone on hiatus until next season. Without “Weeds”, “Mad Men” or “Project Runway” to fill my TV needs I have expanded my horizons and started watching some other shows. After surveying the lay of the land I have found these shows and I am becoming a fast fan:



Gossip Girl (CW): The show is sexy and has a great looking cast. The ad campaign that ran this summer was certainly intriguing and this season is full of excitement. Better start watching soon, because they are about to kill off a pretty major character and you’ll want to get attached before he or she is no more.


Scrubs (ABC): There is no info on when this show will begin airing on it’s new network, but this could be the final season. You can catch up on previous seasons of “Scrubs” on Comedy Central. The cast is incredible and this is the only medical show I could ever imagine watching.



The Office (NBC): This show is not new, but it’s pretty new to me. The original Office, starring Ricky Gervais, was a huge hit and the American Office is too. This season features guest star Amy Ryan, who was nominated for an academy award last year. It is awkward and silly and pretty addictive.



Project Runway (Lifetime or Bravo): Heidi Klum and pals recently aired the season 5 finale on Bravo. Word is that the show will be moving to Lifetime for season 6, although legal issues have made the move complicated. As of now, there is not definite airdate or TV station for season 6, but when it does get on the air it is a must watch. The best part is the creativity and determination of the contestants. Watching PR makes me feel inspired to take a sewing class, rip open my closet and begin altering all of my old clothes.



Dexter (Showtime): Dexter is in the early stages of season 3. He is a serial killer, with a code and a heart (somewhat). The show can be very gory at times, but it can also be humorous and almost sweet. The cast is great, especially Michael C. Hall (Dexter). Plus, for the gossip factor, Hall is dating Jennifer Carpenter who plays his sister on the show.


Sonja Mereu


Vanessa and Angela Simmons have grown up, in what seems, right in front of our eyes. However, don’t expect for these two ambitious siblings to lose sight of their dreams being that they have moved out. According to several reports, MTV is currently in the works of developing a spin-off series to “Run’s House” that would star both daughters Vanessa and Angela. The Title of the show will be “Daddy’s Girls.” The show will follow Angela and Vanessa as they get adjusted to their new lives in Los Angeles, as well as showcase how the two sisters plan to transform their Pastry shoe and clothing line into a more mature brand.

Both sisters will also continue to manage their other careers. As we all know Vanessa went from modeling for the prestigious agency, Ford Models, to a soap star on “The Guiding light.” However Vanessa plans to take her career to a new level, as she will play opposite of musician Marques Houston in an upcoming film.

Angela on the other hand is still managing her very publicized relationship or not with rapper Bow Wow as well as her role as an executive editor of her own magazine, ‘Angela’s Rundown’. These two sister don’t plan on get comfortable off of what their father has built for them. They are stepping out and proving that with talent and great parenting, you can not fail. It’s great to see how Vanessa and Angela remain as great role models for young girls across America!

Last night, the most anticipated season of ‘The Real Housewives Of…’ premiered on Bravo with of course- drama! This season marked the first season that had a predominantly black cast, the reason being that it is based in Atlanta. The 5 ladies were chosen from an exclusive world of pro-athlete hubbies, mega mansions and who’s who in fashion. DeShawn Snow (purple dress), NeNe Leakes (orange dress), She’ree Whitfield (yellow dress), Lisa Wu Hartwell (first one; soft pink dress) and the self-described “black girl trapped in a white girl’s body” Kim Zolciak (center; pink dress).

The newest ATL resident, DeShawn, has a house built from scratch and sees it for the first time in Episode 1, along with NBA husband, Eric Snow and their 3 kids. In order to keep everything in control and help her maintain order and organization in her house, she seeks what she calls a “dream staff”. Her dream staff will include a chef, a maid, a nanny and an estate manager.

Fashionista extraordinaire and aspiring designer, Sheree, is at the end of what she describes as “a long divorce battle” from NFL player Bob Whitfield. All she wants, she reminds the camera more than once, is a lump sum of seven figures, in order to maintain the lifestyle she has become accustomed to…. or better!

(Very) Big spender and aspiring country star, Kim, is friends with the other women, but she’s the only white woman on the show. The divorced single mother of two, is in a relationship with someone who she only referrs to as “Big Papa”. According to Kim, he is a multi-millionaire and celebrity but does not like the spotlight. “Some of my girlfriends don’t even know who he is”, she says in the first episode.

The outrageous one of the bunch, NeNe, makes it known to the world that she is a no-nonsense woman. The mother of 2 boys (8 and 18) and married for 10 years, she shows her love for family, friends and the finer things in life. And one more thing, the first episode practically surrounds the drama and mutual disdain going on between her and fellow housewife She’ree.

The over-achiever and the only hardest working housewife, Lisa, sells real estate with her own brokerage company, designs baby clothes, paints, crafts jewelry and is a self-described workout fanatic.The humble mother of a 10-month old baby girl and the wife of NFL linebacker, Ed Hartwell, seems to be the only housewife with her head screwed on tight.

This show gets 5 out of 5 stars from me. It comes on every Tuesday @ 9pm on Bravo!

The new 90210 have been generating a lot of buzz ever since it was announced that it will be re-launched with a brand new cast. Some people were skeptical and thought it wouldn’t live it up to the original while some were overly excited about it coming back on the air. All doubters were silenced when it premiered last week, Tuesday, Sept. 2, with the highest ratings the CW ever had! The show pulled in almost 5 million viewers, with a 2.6 rating among adults 18-40. I actually didn’t get a chance to watch it, but I did catch almost all the previews and inside scoop on stations like E! and it seems pretty good. Let me find out I have to add that to my list of shows to watch!

So, if you’re looking for a new “high school drama” addiction, look no further!