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Congrats goes out to both BET and Keyshia Cole! According to reports last Tuesday night, BET premiered the first two episodes of the third season of ‘Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is’ but i don’t think that BET could expected the new season to start of not  only becoming the network’s #1 original series season premiere telecast for this year, the second episode scored the best ratings in the history of the network for an original program.

If you missed the first two episodes, you can catch them at BET.com



Oscar winner and South African-born actress, Charlize Theron, has been named United Nations messenger of peace as of Friday, with a special focus on ending violence against women. Theron joins 9 other messengers of peace who are also celebrities mainly from the fields of film, music, literature and sports who are charged with promoting U.N. activities and ideals through public appearances and media contacts.


As I wrote in my last post, I am producing a music video for the song “It’s All About You,” starring the powerhouse duo of Alexander Sack and Leota Penney. We spent long, grueling, invigorating and exciting hours shooting this weekend. For all of you who are considering getting involved in the movie or music video business, here are a few more things to know. 

5. Know your role: As a producer I had a hands-on role in the video every step of the way (creating the story, choosing the locations, hiring actors, etc…). However, during production there is so much happening and so many people that it’s hard not to step on people’s toes. There were so many times that I wanted to micro-manage and put in my two cents, but I couldn’t. It’s important to know your role, who you can give orders to and who you take orders from.  

4. Feed your crew well: On a film set mealtime does not only provide nourishment, but it is also one of the only times that the crew gets to take a break from their work. I heard a story about one production that fed the crew spicy burritos for lunch. The burritos caused the cast and crew to make numerous and frantic trips to the bathroom. On a set the food needs to be plentiful, high quality and kind to the digestive system! 

3. Dress comfy: Have you ever noticed in those behind the scenes documentaries that the directors are usually wearing an old t-shirt, jeans and a baseball hat? Being comfortable on a set is far more important than being glamorous. Of course, I am not recommending dressing like a slob, but I also would avoid heels, skirts or anything that limits your movement and comfort. 

2. Be nice: Films are a perfect example of teamwork. Every person has an important job, that’s why there are hundreds of names in the credits. The best way to make the team run smoothly, always say please, thank you and show your appreciation.  

1. Be Flexible:  I don’t mean physically flexible, although yoga is a good way to keep your mind and body refreshed. I mean mentally and creatively flexible. Creative endeavors require that you see the big picture and be willing to modify your plans in the interest of making the best possible product. A line that you loved might sound cheesy coming out of an actor’s mouth. You must be able to let go of that line if it means saving the scene.  

The video is now in editing. Keep checking my blogs for info on the release date! 

Sonja Mereu

Although we seem to be switching parties in the White House and the senate, looks like a women will still be holding down the Secretary Of State seat:


According to several reliable sources, Barack Obama has extended the offer to Sen. Hilary Clinton to be Secretary Of State. Senator Clinton met with President-elect Obama to talk about the job. Recently in Obama’s interview with 60 Minutes (CBS), when asked about him offering her the job, he chose to stay mum about that topic. Smiling and saying “you won’t get anything out of me”. About the potential position, her husband and former President Bill Clinton had this to say:

“She worked very hard for Obama’s election after the primary with him, and so did I. And we were very glad that he won and we have a lot of confidence that he can do a good job. But she didn’t do what she did with the hope of or expectation of getting any kind of job offer, much less having this discussed. If he decided to ask her and they did it together, I think she’ll be really great as the secretary of state. Whatever happens or doesn’t happen is between Obama and her.”

Although these two were going head to head to run for President on behalf of democrats, it was obvious that Sen. Obama had the utmost respect for the Clinton’s and admired the way Bill Clinton led this country during his tenure as President (1992-2000). Hopefully we can get an Obama-Clinton team up in the near future.

Tara Decoda


According to Billboard.com, Timbaland along with his Mosley Media Group is teaming with Effie T. Brown‘s Duly Noted Inc. to produce a film titled “Vinyl.” The film is about five young women facing life-altering decisions about their relationships with members of a rock band. The film will begin shooting in the spring 09. The film will be written and directed by Richard Zelniker, Effie T. Brown, Marcus Spence and Monique Idlett-Mosley will handle production.



According to AOL Blackvoices Erykah Badu will star along side Mos Def in the indie film titled, ‘Bobby Zero’. The film will be produced by Effie Brown’s an LA based production company Duly Noted. In the film Mos Def will play a down-on-his-luck social satirist romantic who gives up his artistic aspirations to work at an advertising agency. His girlfriend (played by Erykah) hit rock bottom after years of struggling as a couple. To make ends meet, Bobby goes corporate with the advertising job and is confronted by his past beliefs, stepping outside the box and discovering that there the world is not what he expected. Peter Dinklage and Clifton Collins also star in the film.


I’ll bet you’ve heard at least one person who has asked you to go green, whether it’s a classmate, friend or even watching Al Gore‘s “An Inconvenient Truth”. Now, with the economy at its worst, and global warming changing out natural weather climates (constant wild fires in California, low amounts of snow in the Northeast compared to the last decade), “going green” seems to be the best way to help the environment. Becoming more energy efficient in areas like (fashion, food and electricity) are beneficial, and your laundry is no exception. Here are a few tips that can help you become more energy efficient and save some money.

1) The Laundromat is available. If you wash your clothes at home, why not try going to the local Laundromat. Although it’s basically going from one washer machine to the next, according to Planet Green, com, it definitely helps, “Commercial washers and dryers tend to be more efficient than domestic versions, so taking your bundle to the neighborhood ‘mat may use less energy.”

2) Use A Line. Once washing your clothes in a washer mine, do you use the dryer afterwards? Next time, try hanging a clothes on a line, whether in your home or outside. It will help decrease the amount the energy that dryers use and save you a couple bucks.

3) Dry-cleaning can be hazardous. According to Planet Green.com dry cleaning business have a chemical they use, percholoroethylene that can cause harm to your health. “Exposure to this chemical has been linked to increased risks of bladder, esophageal, and cervical cancer; eye, nose, throat and skin irritation; and reduced fertility; among other effects.”


Ashley-Nicole Weatherington