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ForWomenOnline.com is reporting that the remaining members of Danity Kane refuses to sign on for the new season of Making The Band 4 (to begin taping in 2 weeks). There is internal friction between the group, Diddy and Bad Boy/MTV and the ladies are reportedly tired of living out their lives on camera. Check out the report:

We have learned that MTV will begin shooting the next season of Making The Band in 2 weeks, however, it will be WITHOUT the 2 members of Danity Kane. Apparently, the group is said to be extremely fed up with Diddy and living out their lives in front of the MTV cameras.

The new season is following Day 26 (the male group formed from the reality series) as they go out on the road and prepare to tour Europe. The season will also capture Donnie Klang a.k.a. Aubrey O’Day’s former love interest, as he tours with New Kids On The Block.

The remaining girls (Dawn Richards, Aundrea Fimbres) and possibly Shannon Bex?? will have a “meeting” with Diddy on camera but that is their extent of their participation right now with no contract in place to appear in the new series. Maybe this will be the episode where Shannon tells Diddy and her fans that she quit? We hear that she has not “officially” come back to the group and though she may perform here and there with the remaining 2 group members, she did resign and no one has heard otherwise.

Seems like the drama isn’t stopping at the axing of D. Woods and Aubrey, and for those who thought the fallout was made for T.V. might have been wrong. Or maybe…. nevermind.


If you haven’t heard yet, Notorious is a biopic that shows the life and death story of Notorious B.I.G. (a.k.a. Christopher Wallace), who came straight out of Brooklyn to take the world of rap music by storm (IMDb). 8 Mile told a fictionalized story loosely based on Eminem’s life and Get Rich or Die Tryin’ told a story somewhat based on the experiences of 50 Cent. However, Notorious is the first major film that chronicles the real-life story of a hip-hop legend.   

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should go check out Notorious when it drops on January 16, 2009. 

5. The actors look just like their real-life counterparts. Jamal Woolard looks so much like Biggie that I could barely tell pictures of the two apart. Now, I know that looking similar isn’t the most important aspect of playing a real person, but after a nationwide search of actors, rappers and non-professionals the filmmakers unanimously agreed that Woolard IS the Notorious B.I.G. 

4. The costumes look fantastic. Check out the Notorious trailer below. The pin stripe suit alone is pretty fantastic! 

3. Christopher Wallace kind of lived the American dream. Of course, he died too young, for incredibly stupid reasons. While he was alive, he really did live the rags to riches story that is what America is all about. His story is the type that makes a great, tragic film. 

2. This film is guaranteed to have a great soundtrack! The 90’s were a pinnacle in the hip hop/rap genre.  This soundtrack should include choice cuts from Biggie, Tupac, Dr. Dre, Snoop and plenty of other memorable songs. 

1. I love films that are true time capsules. I love this summer’s The Wackness in part because it represented New York (the city I love), in the summer of 1994 with such nuance. Notorious will capture a moment in time, bringing on a rush of nostalgia. At its best Notorious will shed light on the time and place it was set in. 

Maybe you aren’t a fan of Biggie or Tupac? Well, this movie might change your feelings. At the very least it should shed explore the east coast/west coast battle that caused so much death and turmoil in the 90’s hip-hop community. 

For all who haven’t yet seen the trailer, and for those who can’t get enough:

And might I add: I am so happy that Barack Obama is our next president!  

Sonja Mereu

Shannon Bex know to many as the nice, married, team player in Danity Kane has quit the band!! According to Z100, Shannon says she’s tired of the drama, cat fights and Diddy, and says she will not play part in the new season of “Making The Band.” This comes off of the heels of Diddy firing of Aubrey O’Day and D. Woods.
The group as we all know was dismantled by the Diddy because he was not feeling the route the group was taking. However, apparently Aubrey and D. Woods are doing great! Aubrey O’Day will be a judge on 50 Cent’s new reality show on VH1 titled “The Money and the Power.” D. Woods on the other hand has and album in the works as well as two movie roles. Also Dawn, as we all know even though Diddy has denied, is in works of a solo album, which only leaves Aundrea who says all she ever wanted to do is sing. Well I’m now thinking she took for granted her chances. I Wish them all success.