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Have you noticed that nowadays celebrities need to diversify? Singers become actors, actors become singers, they own fashion, perfume and make-up lines. The list goes on and on. One of the biggest trends is celebrity owned restaurants/bars. I guess Planet Hollywood was the first major celeb-restaurant. If you want to eat like your favorite star, here are the top 5 celebrity owned restaurants: 

5. Madre’s, Owner: Jennifer Lopez

Pasadena, Calif.

J.Lo isn’t somebody I associate with down home cooking, but her Pasadena restaurant aims to make you feel like you’re eating in the Lopez family kitchen. The food is Latin and the environment is warm, like a mother’s kitchen should be. Who knows? You may even see an impeccably dressed couple with twin babies!

4. Teany, Owner: Moby

New York, N.Y.

The techno star is one of the world’s most famous vegans. So, of course his cozy teahouse restaurant features a vegetarian menu and more than 90 types of tea. There are a number of vegetarian/vegan restraints popping up in New York, but this is the best one owned by a celebrity! 

3. Rubicon, Owners: Francis Ford Coppola, Robert De Niro and Robin Williams

San Francisco, Calif.

The menu is described as Cal-French. I like the sound of that; healthy and rich, just like its owners! The wine selection is guaranteed to be excellent, Coppola is not only a wine connoisseur, he also owns his own vineyard that produces some fine reds. Keep your eyes out for a very hairy man eating next to you, you may think he’s Sasquatch, but it’s more likely to be Robin Williams! 

2. Dolce Enoteca e Ristorante, Owner: Ashton Kutcher

Los Angeles, Calif.

This Melrose restaurant is described as a hot spot that celebs flock to. Demi and Ashton dine at Dolce often and bring their friends. You might even catch a Willis-Moore family reunion if you’re lucky. 

1. Nobu, Owner: Robert De Niro

New York, N.Y.

I was a little surprised that De Niro chose to open a sushi restaurant in TriBeCa, since Italian would be the more obvious choice, but apparently De Niro understands Japanese cuisine as well as he understands the mind of a criminal. Nobu has been described as the best sushi in TriBeCa and possibly in New York City. If you are in Milan, Italy you can check out the European branch of Nobu, co-owned by Giorgio Armani. 


A look that was originally made super hot in the spring has now made its way to the fall in a fiery flash of fashion fire…leather/lame’ leggings! Who woulda thunk it? Surprisingly, this disco fever look has translated well into the millennium. Check out who’s been rocking the look lately:

MC Lyte at the VH-1 Hip Hop Honors keeping it fresh and young with an off-the-shoulder top and platform heels.

Rihanna wears her leggings with feathers with a bustier, cropped blazer, and ultra-long necklace…always the alternative look…but mostly fab!

Eve, looking rather splenderiffic after coming out of fashion hiding. She completes her rock glam look with a gold lame top and black booties.

The epitome of maternal style, Jennifer Lopez, pulling the look together (while preggers, no less)with a sweater, black top, skinny patent leather belt, and open-toed strappy heels.

Queen of the party scene, Lindsay Lohan, wearing the black/white look with Mary Jane heels.

Kelly Rowland rocking it with black blouse with blouson sleeves and patent leather calf-length boots.

One of my favorite hot mamas, Heidi Klum, adding a pop of color with an Elizabeth & James mini dress. I still love that YSL croc tote!

Christina Milian rocking the look with a sheer gauzy top and black (suede looking) knee boots.

To get the look, you first need a pair of hot leather (looking ;0) leggings. Hot Topic and American Apparel have some very affordable choices:

Hot Topic Lame Leggings at $18.99

American Apparel Leggings at $44.00

You can use the celeb looks as a guide to finish your look. The most difficult (and boldest) task is finding the leggings. Now that you have them, be creative with your look…and keep it strictly stylish!

Yours in style,