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How To Sharpen Your Mind

Posted on: October 28, 2008

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, I know that slogan is so ancient, but it’s true. When people don’t learn things out of their comfort zone, they’re holding their selves back from learning new things that can be beneficial towards them. According to cnn.com, during their vice-presidential debate, Senator Joe Biden spoke at an eighth grade level and Governor Sarah Palin spoke at a tenth-grade level. If that is what our vice presidential candidates are speaking, then we have a problem. Technology has decreased our interest in enriching our minds (i.e. the decrease in sales of newspapers, magazines), but we can do something to fight it.

1) Read a couple books a year. Even if you fell of the bandwagon of your favorite author or were not an avid reader in school, it doesn’t mean that you should stop reading. Reading helps you acquire more knowledge, and can be relaxing. Hit the local Barnes & Noble or log on to Oprah’s Book Club and browse through the diverse book selection.

2) Take a class at a local college. Most colleges & universities always have classes open for the public to enroll. Maybe take Spanish 101 to add being bilingual for yourself and your resume. Or take a psychology class to learn more about the study of the human mind.

3) Read the news instead of watching it. Newspapers are in a decline in circulation and advertisements, due to the economic boom in internet sites. Many people are choosing to get the news online or not at all. Why not pick up the Sunday Edition of your local paper to read about the latest information on the presidential debate & international issues . And maybe make it a team effort with your family and friends by having everyone pick a section to read and then discuss it afterwards.

Ashley-Nicole Weatherington


2 Responses to "How To Sharpen Your Mind"

Good advice, sometimes I do feel like my mind is turning into mush (if that is a word)

That’s a great advice…thank you for the post.
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